It all started in the backyard of our traditional Aussie home.

Everyone around the table with the deck of plain playing cards and a giant king size glass.

As usual the game was going slow because friends were forgetting what card number means what for each card and to top it off some jerk spilt his drink all over the table which of course went all over the cards. This ruined most the cards and unfortunately ruined the game.

That night I thought to myself ‘how can we speed this game up to fit more games in and stop that one mate from ruining an entire game because he doesn’t know his limits and spills it everywhere’.

It then hit me……… Get cards that have the card number meaning on them and make them a PVC material so they are spill proof.

While we were at it we decided to add some classic artwork to the cards to make it that little bit fun.

Our cards are a game changer and you will never play another KINGS game without them!

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