Online Play Kings Cup Card Game Australia

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should probably already know
what the greatest drinking game of all time is right?
Well for those who didn’t know, almost everyone will tell you KINGS also known as ‘Kings Cup’ has been one of the greatest Drinking game cards online in Australia of all time.

This great game has helped get the party started for many around the world and here in Australia, we play it best!!!

Our brand ‘Official Kings Cards’ is a game changer with complete deck filled with funny cards for all Australians.

Our Kings cup cards online for sale make the game a lot easier and faster to play with each card stating what that card/number mean for example the card that is number 9 now actually says RHYME on it. No more looking up which card number means what Kings cup card rules online, its time to speed up the game to fit more in.

We are also sending out our game instructions on How to play kings cup with cards in full detail, for those that find it a little hard to remember when they have had a little to much to drink!

Our cards are also PVC material making them 100% spill proof so that one mate we all have wont ruin the game anymore when he or his drink tips over, simply Buy kings cup cards online in Australia and play on!